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From Viewers to Creators: The Benefits of YouTube for Students

Hello parents! As someone who has coached over 100 kids and teens to start their own YouTube channel, I want to share with you the five Youtube benefits for students when they go from viewing to creating.

Starting a YouTube channel has a lot of advantages. Even though your child might be the one who wants to start, don't worry, you're not alone! Even YOU YOURSELF loves to watch YouTube videos, and I'm sure you're familiar with how it works. You're just not too sure how you can translate that for your kid to get started.

Starting a channel can bring financial benefits, but it's not just about the money. Your child can develop new skills and learn a lot by doing their own YouTube channel. But how does it really work for kids and teens, and what benefits can they get from it?

Well, I'm here to tell you that your child can benefit in many ways from starting their own YouTube channel. But before we move on, I want to share a helpful resource with you.

If you're new to YouTube or struggling to get started, download our free YouTube Journey Jump Start Guidebook. It will help your kid to overcome ten small problems that are too big to ignore when starting a channel.


Table of content: Five Youtube benefits for students


Youtube Benefit 1: Getting comfortable with themselves

One of the first Youtube benefits that your child will experience when starting their own YouTube channel is becoming more comfortable with themselves. Many of us might feel shy or nervous when appearing in front of a camera and recording something for others to see. This may seem like a normal reaction from us adults, but for some kids and teens who have grown up seeing cameras all around them, it might be easier.

Starting a YouTube channel can help your child overcome the challenges of appearing on camera and presenting themselves to others. At first, they might worry about their appearance, the background of their videos, or even their voice. But as they create more content, they will slowly become more comfortable with who they are and how they present themselves.

This is a challenge that every creator faces. But the beauty of creating content for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok is that you get to grow and develop your skills over time. Your child's first video might not be perfect and that's perfectly fine. With practice and some consistency, they can improve and gain tremendous confidence in themselves.

It's important for kids to feel comfortable with who they are internally, and creating content can help with that.

When your kid makes their first video, it may not be great, and they may feel embarrassed. But if they continue making videos about something they love, they will slowly improve and focus on the things that really matter. This can help develop their confidence and self-esteem, as well as their on-screen public speaking skills.

As they continue to make more videos, they will become more comfortable with themselves and their imperfections. They will start to showcase their personality to their viewers, and this is how they can become comfortable in front of the camera.

Youtube Benefit 2: Developing discipline

Another great benefit of your kid or teen starting their own YouTube channel is that it can help them develop discipline. While creating content can be exciting, it requires a certain level of commitment and dedication to be successful. Initially, they may not want to share their channel with friends and acquaintances, but once they do, they will feel more accountable to succeed.

Creating a successful YouTube channel involves a lot more than just making videos.

There are many skills that need to be learned and refined, which may be challenging for kids and teens. However, by seeking help and guidance from others, either through asking for advice or watching self-help videos suitable for their age, they can gradually improve their abilities. This can include everything from planning and organizing video ideas to promoting their channel and engaging with their audience.

It's important to note that many self-help videos are geared towards adults who may have more resources and experience, making it difficult for younger creators to fully grasp the concepts.

If you're a kid or teen struggling with your YouTube channel, don't give up! Keep pushing yourself to learn and grow. And if you're looking for additional guidance, consider joining Coach Vincent's free masterclass on taking your channel from ZERO to 10,000 subscribers.

youtube benefits for students

Youtube Benefit 3: Understanding the Creator Economy

If you're a kid or teen interested in becoming a YouTuber, you're already a part of the Creator economy.

So, do you know what YouTube is? It's a place where people can make videos and share them with others all over the world. Well, the Creator Economy is kind of like that, but bigger!
It's when lots and lots of people make things and share them online, like videos, songs, pictures, or even games. And sometimes, people even pay money for those things!
So, just like how people used to have jobs like being a teacher or a doctor, now there are jobs where people can create things and share them online for others to enjoy. It's a whole new way of making things and earning money, and it's becoming more and more popular every day!

Reference: "The Creator Economy, Explained" by Li Jin, published on the website of Andreessen Horowitz (a prominent venture capital firm), on October 21, 2019.

This is a big and growing industry because everyone loves to watch videos, even you! There's a lot of demand for video production and personal branding, which can be very useful for your kid and teen in the future.

They already know how content works on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms through regular surfing. By creating a channel and being part of the economy, they can learn more about the world, like how algorithms work, why people comment or dislike things, how trends work and many others.

The more your kid and teen know how things work, the more they can use that knowledge to their advantage. This will give them more experience, which can be helpful in many areas of their life. Related: YouTube Channel Mistakes You Need To Avoid if You Are a Kid, Teen Or Mom

By doing a YouTube channel, you'll become more informed about how the world works and how things would changed and evolve.

They may also become the reason of why things are evolving by creating their own narrative.

Youtube Benefit 4: Getting better at your hobbies

Okay, so remember how I was talking about how cool it is to make your own YouTube channel? Well, guess what? When you start your channel, you get to talk about the things that you love! It could be anything, like playing video games, making slime, drawing, playing music, coding, or even dancing!

When you make your first video, it might just be a simple introduction to what you love. But as you make more and more videos, you'll start to get creative and talk about other things related to your hobby. This is where you get to learn new things and share your knowledge with other people who also love your hobby!

And guess what else? The more you learn and share, the better you'll become at it!

When you start your own YouTube channel about your hobbies, you will become an expert in that area. People will start looking up to you for advice and opinions about it. You might even get invited to events to share your knowledge! Even if your channel doesn't become super popular, you'll still have a great time making videos and learning new things.

You can look back at your videos and see how much you have grown and learned over time. It's a great way to invest in yourself and have fun doing it!

youtube benefits for students
Youtube Benefit 5: Youtube is an entrepreneurial project

Starting a YouTube channel is like starting a little business. It's just like when you sell lemonade outside your house and learn how to make the drink, handle customers, and use the cash register. With a YouTube channel, you can learn so many things too, like how to create and edit videos, how to interact with your audience, and how to manage your time.

Every kid and teen who starts a channel has a goal in mind. Some want to earn money, while others want to use it as a creative outlet. But no matter what their goal is, it's important to treat their channel like an entrepreneurial project and plan their time carefully. By doing this, they can learn new skills and work towards achieving their dreams.

Creating content on YouTube is a form of content marketing, where they have to constantly think about how to make their channel appealing to others. They have to adapt to new trends and techniques to keep their channel growing and attracting more viewers. By putting effort into their YouTube channel, kids and teens can develop a strong sense of entrepreneurship. This will help them think about what they need to do to succeed not just in their channel, but in any other business venture they might pursue in the future. These skills are highly transferable and can be used in many different contexts. Additionally, if their channel is successful, it may even become a source of income for them.

So starting a YouTube channel is not only fun and creative, it's also a great way to build important life skills.

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