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The YouTube Strategy This Teen Used to Gain 1 Million Views in Six Months

This teenager, who happens to be my student, recently changed her YouTube channel and now has over 1 million views. Let's explore the Youtube strategy she use to achieved this impressive milestone.


Table of content: YouTube Strategy This Teen Used to Gain 1 Million Views


Kay's Backstory Behind Her YouTube Strategy

Kay is a 13-year-old who wanted to be a YouTuber, but wasn't sure what topic to focus on in the beginning. After spending a good amount of time learning the ropes of YouTube from me, she gained the confidence to start her channel, where she reacts to movies.

The key to a successful YouTube channel is to focus on something you already love doing, and that's exactly what Kay did. But sometimes, even if you're passionate about your topic, you might not get the views you were hoping for.

This is especially true if your goal of becoming a YouTuber is to become famous or get a lot of views and subscribers. Related: YouTube Channel Mistakes You Need To Avoid if You Are a Kid, Teen Or Mom

She started by reacting to movies and her videos received a few dozen views. She continued to post videos, but the views weren't quite satisfying for her. However, Kay didn't let this discourage her.

Many people don't realize that every successful YouTuber started off small.

Even if your first few videos only get a few dozen or hundred views, that's a great start because it means people are tuning in from all over the world.

But for Kay and many others, it's natural to want to see more growth and progress. She decided to switch up her topic. Remembering my advice to her that you should always start a channel based on what you love, Kay decided to relaunch her YouTube journey and focus on another topic that she loves, which is about Michael Jackson.

If you make videos about something you love, you'll always have fun doing it, even if not many people watch at first. Kay knew this and decided to switch to a topic she loves - Michael Jackson. And guess what?

Within a year, she got 1 million views and even gaining 2,000 subscribers in just two months! How did she do it, you ask?

Well, we're going to share five things she did right to reach this level of success. So lets go!

YouTube Strategy 1: She Went Deep into Her Hobby

The first thing Kay did really well was to dive deep into her topic. Sometimes, people hold back from creating their own channel because they think they are not good enough or knowledgeable enough.

However, all YouTubers start by learning and showing the basics.

Your basic videos will be more than enough for those who are just getting into the same topic. As you make more videos, you will start exploring deeper into your topic, which will help you become a better creator.

Kay made lots of videos and shorts that showed all the awesome things about Michael Jackson. At first, she wasn't sure which direction she was heading in, so she decided to make videos only about what she knew of her favorite artist.

As she explored deeper, she found specific ideas related to the topic that could get better views, and she doubled down on those ideas.

If you love making videos about things like slime, coding, gacha, gaming, you might have a great initial idea that you're excited about, but what do you do for your next videos? To keep improving, you need to start thinking deeper and exploring smaller parts of your topic that you haven't talked about before. This is how you find your specialty and start to get more views.

Remember, it's okay to start with basic videos and keep practicing to get better. By going deeper into your topic, you can find your niche and create amazing videos that people will love to watch.

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Youtube strategy

YouTube Strategy 2: Try New YouTube Video Ideas

The second thing that helped Kay succeed was her willingness to try new things. Many people, including kids, teens, and moms, are hesitant to try new things when starting a YouTube channel.

They may become stubborn and resist change.

When trying to gain followers on social media and through videos, it's important to be open to trying new things. This includes different video styles, animations, effects, and settings. Kay did just that by changing up her video style and trying out new things. After about 3 months, she has a collection of videos that she tried which give her a good idea what works and what doesnt.

An important factor that contributed to Kay's success is her willingness to experiment.

Many new creators, especially kids and teens, are hesitant to venture outside their comfort zones and try something new. However, to grow and develop your channel, you need to be open to new ideas and approaches.

This means being willing to tell yourself that the first few videos that you are working on will not be how your channel look like in the next few months.

It's important to remember that you don't have to give up the things you love doing on your channel, even if they're not getting the results you want. Instead, give yourself space and time to experiment and try out new things to see what works for you.

Youtube Strategy 3: Develop Your Video Editing System

The next thing that helped Kay reach 1 million views was developing her editing system. I taught her that if you want to get views, you need to stay consistent in your channel. This means you have to upload videos regularly, so that your viewers don't think you're only making one video in over six months time.

You can't do that, unless you're a big YouTuber.

When you're new and trying to grow a channel, consistency is essential. This helps you build a fan base and community that will continue to support you, even if you take a break.

Initially, Kay decided to develop a system to create videos faster, so she could upload more content to her channel. Because if you don't have videos, your channel won't grow. And if you post more videos, YouTube will pick that up, recognize it, and then recommend your channel to other people. And that's what Kay did.

She patiently looked at what she could do in a week so that she could edit her videos in a smart way that doesn't require her to start from scratch.

She eventually formed a habit, as well as a pacing and a system to help her create those videos.

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Youtube strategy

YouTube Strategy 4: Making YouTube Videos in a Pattern

Kay's channel exploded not because she was a creative genius, but because she make very similar videos. Let's face it, if you want to be a successful YouTuber, you need to play the long game, my friend.

Take a look at those big-time YouTubers and see how long they've been at it and did you notice how their video ideas are great similar to their previous video?

To achieve your YouTube dreams in the beginning, you will need to make a lot of videos but this does not mean that your videos need to be super creative.

Yep, you heard me right. Being too creative can be mentally exhausting. Your brain will be running a million miles an hour, trying to come up with the next big idea, and that's not the way to approach your channel.

Kay didn't rely solely on creativity to grow her channel. Instead, she experimented and found the types of video ideas that she could consistently produce. For instance, she discovered that people loved watching awesome moments of Michael Jackson, and all she did was making videos based on the different awesome moments of the artist without needing to go through his history, music and other things.

Kay didn't have to spend two hours every day wracking her brain for the next big idea because ideas flowed to her naturally as she made one video after another.

She found a winning formula for her channel by creating video ideas that were somewhat similar to one another. And when you have a collection of videos, you'll be able to see how much progress you've made.

So don't stress yourself out by overthinking or striving for perfection in every video.

YouTube Strategy 5: Learning How to Let Go and Move On

The last thing that Kay did that help her to succeed in the beginning is her willingness to let go what doesn't work and move on to other things. This is a big thing that you need to do to grow your channel.

If Kay never changed her topic from reacting to movies to Michael Jackson, she would have never reached her 1 million views milestone that will help her to discover other things.

When you let go of something that isn't working anymore and try something new, you might find things that you enjoy much better.

So, think about your current YouTube channel, and if you're stuck and don't enjoy what you're doing, it's time to move on and try other things.

You'll be much more excited, and you may even find something better than your previous topic. This is something that you want to check on while running your channel that you may not have realized before.

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