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Your kid creates content that shows you their growth.


Transform your kid’s eagerness and ambition to do YouTube into them improving creativity, confidence, communication and problem solving. Experience Ativ Academy’s result driven program at no cost.

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No credit card needed.

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Hi, I'm Coach Vincent


I help kids, teens & even moms (who are starting a family channel) jump-start

their YouTube journey by overcoming small problems that are too big to ignore.

I grew my personal YouTube channel to 1.7 million views and 7,000 subscribers in my first year. The numbers have since doubled due to the skills I use to run my channel.


I recognize that kids, teens, and moms desire similar results, leading me to personally coach hundreds of aspiring new creators through tailored lessons for their level and age, eventually becoming what is now known as Ativ Academy.

If you are starting your journey,
then what's next is made for you.

Get your kid started with our

Free One Month Program

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Packed with answers and activities to the questions your kid has been asking on how to get started. This free program is created to help your kid gain the skills to making their videos independently.

Comes with video lessons, materials,

and live sessions with Coach Vincent

No credit card needed

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Join My FREE
Youtube Journey Masterclass

Discover in the masterclass:

The 5 skill set framework you are missing out that helps you overcome your challenges in running your channel

The 3 biggest mistakes you make that stops you from getting results

Success stories of people the same age as you, how they did it and why you can as well

Get exclusive bonuses found only in the masterclass.

Not sure how to start YouTube?

Many kids and teens are confused by the large number of YouTube advice videos made for adults. If you've learned a lot but still struggle to get going, it's not your fault. 

Made based on the experience of coaching 100 students just like you

This YouTube Journey Jump-Start Guide will help you identify the ten struggles you face as a new creator and how to solve them, why you can't copy your favourite YouTubers and many more.


Here are
the results

my students achieved after my coaching

& many other success stories of students gaining 
hard skills, soft skills & valueble creator experience.


 Parents Love Us Too !