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A one-year online program to learn the five essential skills for YouTube success, designed for kids, teens, and moms aspiring to start a family channel.

What you'll learn in the complete program

  • Learn video editing so that you know how to put together your own videos that is edited better than amateur recordings.

  • Learn storytelling, even if you are shy on camera, you will be able to find ways to improve and express your messaging in your own unique way.

  • Develop a system that helps you take away the stress of making videos and allows you to focus on the hobby you truly love.

  • Work independently on your channel without having to wait for your busy mom or dad to hold the tripod for you and tell you what to do.

  • Level up as a creator and unstuck your progress when you learn that video is not the only thing you can do to grow your channel.

  • Gain confidence in who you are and overcome small problems that are too big to ignore as you work on your channel.

Watch the video below for results of our program

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 Parents Love Us Too !

Program Breakdown

The complete program includes:

Level Full Box Set.png

5 part YouTube Journey programs. Click here for program breakdown

Access to members only community

54 weeks of effective lessons presented by Coach Vincent

Ativ Academy Live Weekly roundup on zoom
(First 3 weeks of every month)

Weekly activities & resources to get your kid to learn actively

YouTube journey homework feedback & comments

Program Price

YouTube Journey Programs Breakdown


  • Perfect for kids & teens who are new to video making

  • 8 lessons of Getting Started

  • Learn the basics of video editing on phone or tablet 

  • Unlocked 24 video making skills

Have questions? Drop us a message to learn more.

Enroll in the Complete YouTube Journey Program and save a total of $703!

New YouTube creators will need diverse skills beyond individual programs. Save time and money with the Complete YouTube Journey Program, saving $703 compared to enrolling separately.

Let's find the right plan for you!


Pay-per-program payment plan

for individual programs


Total program cost if purchased separately: $2400

(No savings)

  • The individual level you enroll

  • Members Community

  • 3x Weekly round up per month
    (First 3 weeks of the month)

  • Activities & resources

  • YouTube Journey homework
    feedback & comments


for one-full year program

One-time payment plan


Normal Price: $2400

(Total savings of $703)

  • Level 1 Getting Started

  • Level 2 Fast Track

  • Level 3 Taking Off

  • Level 4 Going Pro (Part 1)

  • Level 4 Going Pro (Part 2)

  • Level 5 Game Changer

  • Members Community

  • 3x Weekly round up per month
    (First 3 weeks of the month)

  • Activities & resources

  • YouTube Journey homework
    feedback & comments



for one full-year program

Three-month payment plan


Normal Price: $2400

Mth 1: $659 | Mth 2: $659 | Mth 3: $659

(Total savings of $423)

  • Level 1 Getting Started

  • Level 2 Fast Track

  • Level 3 Taking Off

  • Level 4 Going Pro (Part 1)

  • Level 4 Going Pro (Part 2)

  • Level 5 Game Changer

  • Members Community

  • 3x Weekly round up per month
    (First 3 weeks of the month)

  • Activities & resources

  • YouTube Journey homework
    feedback & comments

Payment Plan


Who is this program for?

  1. Kids, teens, and moms who are starting a family channel with their kids.

  2. Kids and teens between the ages of 8 and 16.

  3. Kids and teens who have no video editing knowledge.

  4. Kids and teens who want to start a video-based channel (such as YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram) but don't know how.

  5. Kids and teens who have a YouTube channel but don't know how to grow it.

  6. Kids and teens who know how to edit videos but are struggling with what's next.

  7. Students who are willing to learn new skills.

  8. Parents who want their kids to spend more time creating on YouTube rather than just watching videos.

  9. Those who are tired of struggling with self-help videos and want a structured and comprehensive curriculum to help them achieve their YouTube goals.

  10. Kids and teens who are able to learn independently with online programs.

What information do i need to submit when joining the program?

  • Submission of one email address is required to access the lessons.

  • To facilitate quicker communication between coaches and students, you may choose to provide a phone number that is available on WhatsApp or Telegram.

  • Response times in messaging apps may vary due to student time zones.

  • The purchase of the program grants access to one student only. This means that the coach will monitor and provide feedback and guidance to only one student per program. The membership and all its benefits are intended solely for the use of the registered student and cannot be shared, transferred or resold.

  • Additional siblings who wish to access the weekly activities, resources, membership community, weekly roundup with Coach Vincent, and YouTube journey coaching can do so by contacting Coach Vincent and making the necessary arrangements. Please note that this access is subject to availability and additional fees may apply.

  • Lessons will not be sent to the customer if the next payment has not been made. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all payments are made on time in order to continue receiving access to the program.

How long does it take to complete the program?

  • The Complete YouTube Journey Program consists of 54 weekly lessons.

  • Each lesson is sent on Friday via email.

  • Students are encouraged to complete the exercises and homework within each week to pace themselves well.

How long will I have access to the programs?

  • 60 weeks for the The complete Youtube Journey Program from the date of enrollment

  • 15 weeks for Level, 1, 2, 3, and 5.

  • 22 weeks for Level 4.

Do the methods this course teaches apply to my kid if they are learning independently?

Yes, our system and teachings have been tested for two years and have shown results when students learn at their own pace.

Do you do refunds?

If you send us an e-mail asking for a refund within 14 days after making the payment, you’ll get your refund. No questions asked or the need to ‘prove’ anything. This refund will exclude SST and payment provider charges. You will receive the refund 30-45 days upon request.

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Have questions?

Contact me here

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  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • TikTok


At Ativ Academy, we are committed to providing high-quality programs for both kids and teens. However, we want to make it clear that results may vary from student to student, and we cannot guarantee any specific outcome.

Our programs are designed to provide a fun and engaging learning experience for students, but we cannot guarantee that every student will achieve their desired results after completing our program.

By enrolling in our program, you agree to give Ativ Academy permission to use any videos or images submitted by your child or teen for the purposes of education, promotion, or other related uses.

By using our website and enrolling in our programs, you agree to release Ativ Academy and its affiliates from any liability related to your child or teen's participation in our program.


Please note that prices of the program are subject to change without prior notice, and we reserve the right to offer promotional pricing or discounts at any time without prior notice.

Thank you for choosing Ativ Academy for your child or teen's education.

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