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Empower your talent to be able to see what's necessary


ATIV INSTITUTE is established with the ambition to help corporations bridge the gap between their talent and the agencies they work with. Agencies serves an important role in being the conceptualizers and executers of a business' marketing campaigns. Where as the talent of corporation plays the role of keeping the agencies in check and to ensure that the campaign is running well. 

However, many executives lack the education of knowing how digital campaigns are really run. Despite being shared of reports and data, an untrained executive may not know what to do with such information and may be resorted of being just a mediator between upper management and the agencies. Weak suggestions and aimless direction coming from executives could limit the work a great digital agency.

To curb this problem, ATIV INSTITUTE help executives and the agencies they work with to bridge the gap by conducting programs that trains them digital marketing.

Why Facebook/  Ad?

With total users of 2.9 billion worldwide, with over 24 million users in Malaysia alone as of 2021, Facebook is one of the best platforms where you can interact with your friends and family, and most importantly gaining awareness for your business. However, not many is able to translate the figures into something meaninful for them. 


From this course, you will learn how to setup your business Facebook/Instagram campaigns the right way. You will learn how to create content for your Facebook page based on your objectives. You will also learn how to target the right audience based on your business goals and advertisement objectives. Last by not least, learn how to increase conversion for your business – more SALES!

In this training we will cover :

Foot Tracks on Sand

Vincent Chew

Vincent carries 10 years of digital marketing, content creation and branding experience. He has worked with many big brands and SMEs from different industries such as property, education, flooring, furniture, logistics, hair and facial care, and others.


Throughout the years, he had seen the rise and fall of many social media platforms. Consumption of information has vastly moved away from traditional mediums to digital mediums since then. Many things are being introduced and forgotten in the world of digital marketing, but the constant creation of genuine and authentic content has remained the same.

Vincent specializes in building business funnels. Vincent believes that by understanding the customer buying journey, you can develop strategies and marketing plans on how to increase your business conversion. Vincent is also a certified trainer and owns a training academy specialized in content creation for the younger generation.


With more than 9 years’ experience in marketing, KT has involved in multiple industries such as property, beauty and wellness, manufacturing, online advertising, and IT industry. KT has been helping businesses to perform marketing auditing, strategies development, campaign development, and business expansion plans.

With a MBA in Marketing, together with experience in online and offline marketing, KT also hold a Certificate in Data Science & Analytics. Not to forget, he is also a Facebook advertisers specialized in managing FB Ads.

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