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Things You Don’t Know on How To Become a Gamer YouTuber as a Kid or a Teen

Attention Alert! 90% of my students want to learn how to become a gamer YouTuber, and I know that's your goal too. Whether you're a kid, teenager, or a parent encouraging your child to start creating gaming videos, you're in the right place.

This website is perfect for learning YouTube, especially if you're young because we cover topics that cater to your age (kids, teens and even moms starting a family channel). If you're feeling stuck with all the self-help videos out there, don't worry. Those videos aren't bad; they're just not tailored to your age group. I have coached many kids and teens from ages 7 to 16, so I know exactly what you're going through.

Creating a gaming video is not the same as playing the game.

Now, let's get real. It's challenging to make it as a gaming YouTuber at your age. The majority of your favorite gaming YouTubers are adults, and audiences generally prefer content creators who are 20 years old and above. However, there is a possibility that you can make it at 8 years old. To make it as a gaming YouTuber, you need time and maturity. But why is it so hard to gain viewers and subscribers for your channel? It's because there are countless gaming videos and channels being created and uploaded daily, resulting in market saturation.

In this overcrowded space, it's challenging to stand out. So if you're struggling to attract views and subscribers, let me drop some truth: creating a gaming video is not the same as playing the game.

Sure, we all love playing games and watching our favorite gaming YouTubers. As we play, we feel the excitement, fun, and endless possibilities that can be turned into a funny, interesting video.

But here's the thing: all of those thoughts and experiences are happening in your head. You're the one controlling and playing the game, feeling the fun.

To create a successful YouTube gaming video, you must understand this concept.

Engaging your audience

As a gaming content creator, your role is to entertain your viewers, not just passively play the game. It's essential to consider how you can make your videos engaging for your audience. To do this, you need to focus on creating content that is tailored to your viewers.

If you're just starting as a gaming content creator and you're only screen recording gameplay without adding anything extra, it's going to be difficult to gain traction. To improve, you need to change your approach and focus on finding ways to make your content stand out. Don't just play the game; think about specific ways you can make your videos entertaining and engaging for your viewers.

It's also important to make sure you appear in your videos. Many gaming creators only screen record and add music or gaming sound effects, which can be a barrier to connecting with your audience. By showing your face and adding commentary, you create a personal connection with your viewers, making them more likely to return for more content.

Remember, your focus as a gaming content creator should be on providing value to your viewers. By putting in the effort to create engaging content, you're more likely to build a loyal audience that will help your channel grow.

To know how to become a gamer YouTuber, it's important to have a strong personality that viewers can connect with. This means showing yourself on screen or using your voice as a way to establish a presence in your videos. Even if you're shy, using your voice is a great way to start building your audience and establishing yourself as a content creator.

If you're not comfortable showing your face or using your voice, consider using subtitles to let viewers know what you're thinking. However, keep in mind that having a strong personality is key to building a loyal following and becoming a successful YouTuber.

Watching other successful gaming YouTubers can also be helpful in learning the right skills and techniques to improve your content.

how to become a successful gaming youtuber

Creating videos with clear structure and storytelling

Our next crucial point is that you must not simply play the game without a clear structure or storytelling element. You need to create videos that people actually want to watch, and this means following a specific formula and structure that viewers enjoy.

Think about the great gaming videos you have watched in the past - they all have a particular style and structure that makes them engaging and enjoyable to watch.

To achieve this, you need to let your audience know what they can expect from your video right from the start. Just like in the video above, I gave you a preview of what to expect, and I'm delivering on that promise.

When crafting your gaming videos, use your voice to clearly communicate what your viewers can expect, so that they will be more likely to stick around and watch the entire video. It's like telling a story - you need to introduce the plot and overcome challenges, so that viewers will stay engaged until the end.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to create engaging gaming videos, don't worry - this is a common challenge. But with practice and guidance, you can develop the necessary skills to make videos that people will want to watch.

That's where my coaching program comes in - it can provide you with the tools and knowledge to make great gaming videos that will capture your viewers' attention and keep them coming back for more.

how to become a successful gaming youtuber

Demonstrating the effectiveness of these techniques you are reading in this blog talone can be challenging. This is precisely why I have developed an online program call Level Two Fast Track. The second level of this program is designed to help you understand the specific types of videos that you should be creating in order to capture the attention of your audience with engaging storytelling.

However, creating successful videos on YouTube is a journey, and you are likely to encounter new challenges along the way. You might be making some mistakes you don't even realize when starting your channel.

Your computer/tablet is having a hard time in making gaming videos

One potential problem you may encounter is that your computer or tablet may not be equipped to handle the demands of recording gameplay footage and your own video simultaneously, resulting in extremely large files that are difficult to edit and package into a polished final product.

As a young gaming YouTuber, it's important to take things slow and start with simple videos before gradually building up to more complex ones.

Trying to create a 25-minute long video that is truly entertaining and engaging for viewers is a tall order, so it may be more manageable for you to start with shorter 5-minute videos and work your way up from there. Your device will thank you for that. Yes, it's definitely a skill to condense a longer gameplay into a shorter, more entertaining video. Many successful gaming YouTubers are able to do this effectively.

However, as you mentioned, it can be challenging to create content for a gaming channel, especially at a young age. It's important to keep in mind that getting views on YouTube requires more than just creating good content. There are other factors to consider as well. To learn more about these non-visual aspects of building a successful YouTube channel, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here. I look forward to discussing this topic further in the future.

how to become a successful gaming youtuber


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